I took my daughter to her weekly gymnastics class this past Saturday morning. Normally my husband went so I don't know any of the other kids or parents that well. Plus the facility is VERY busy Saturday mornings. Anyway...

About halfway through the class, another student, preschool age, came running off the class area with a bloodied nose. While another parent located his father on the other side of the facility, I grabbed some tissues from my bag to stop the bleeding. I got down to his level to help him start to calm down and spoke to him in a calm quiet voice, to breathe slowly while I got the bleeding to stop.

I needed to be careful because there was some blood still coming out of his nose and I didn't have gloves with me (I'll start carrying them in the future). I created the best barrier between the injury and my ungloved hand by using a LOT of tissues. When the bleeding stopped and he was calmed down but still shook up, we both washed our hands and reconnected him with his father who was located quickly and brought over to our side of the gym.

The preschooler had hit his nose on the balance beam and opened up an existing wound from his nose and this caused his nose to start bleeding again, partly due to the trauma hitting the beam. Our gymnastics academy is very large so it took about 5 minutes to find his father. By acting quickly and asking for help to go find the student's parent, we were able to make the best of an otherwise scary incident.

Maggie FramLittle Free Library 07076 Steward
The instructor Alex was one of the best instructors I have had. He was knowledgeable and kept the class moving. I have been a nurse for over 35 years he is by far the best I have seen.
Sue V.Home care Nurse Supervisor
My Care first CPR/AED class was the best CPR class I have taken in a long line of classes! Our instructor, was informative, engaging, and funny! I learned a lot but the class was fun too! I will definitely be contacting them when I need to re-certify in 2 years!
Michelle MPersonal Trainer
My instructor was very clear and precise and led me through the entire course feeling confident and secure of myself. I would recommend to anyone who is interesting in learning CPR.
Nicholas B.Student
The CPR course we participated in yesterday, Sunday, August 10th, was not only a great learning experience, but well taught as well. The instructor was easy to understand, understanding, funny, knowledgeable and interesting. I would recommend this course! Thanks,
Ellen B.Student
As always, enjoyed your class. Very informative and easy to understand and remember. A lot of information but presented in a comprehensive format. I especially liked the videos of real life scenarios. I also appreciate your flexibility in scheduling and willingness to answer any questions I had. Thanks Alex. You're a great instructor and truly an expert in your field.
Kimberly RStudent
Thank You for another great CPR class!!! I enjoyed it! I really like your tips and comments about how to handle and respond during emergency situations. I'm more self confident and experienced. I gave your card to my coworkers and I would recommend you to anyone else who need CPR or just want to learn how to save human life if is necessary!
Pawel MMassage Therapist
I Enjoyed the class and found it very informative and a pleasure to be a part of. I Would recommend your course to anyone. Look forward to seeing you next time.
Stan H.Student
My CPR training with Care 1st Training Group was very thorough with the perfect balance of technical detail and hands on experience. Alex kept us engaged the entire session... never a dull moment. Happy I took my CPR training with Care 1st Training Group.
Lisa S.Yoga Instructor