Course Card & Replacement Information

How do I get the card?

Care 1st Training Group will submit to American Heart Association a request for a card after you successfully complete the course. The American Heart Association issues the cards via email so please make sure the instructor has the correct email address on record so the card can get to you in a timely matter.

What do I do my card has not arrived via email?

Please check the spam and junk folders first if it has been more then 20 days please contact us so we can research your card status. Most work places will accept a receipt as a temporary card until you can get the actual card from American Heart Association. Our instructors understand that getting your card in a timely matter is important that is why we submit the rosters with your information to American Heart Association within 48 hours of class completion and then we wait for the card to arrive as you are. Please if you have any issues getting your card just contact us we will do our best to help you out.

Why am I not getting a physical card?

American Heart Association changed the way they issue the cards it is not done electronically. The physical cards is the old way of doing it the new way of getting the card is all done electronically.