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Today, there are numbers of distracted driving accidents news that are printed in the newspapers, flash in the televisions that creates lots of debates and comments. Most of this incident can provides unbelievable stories about distracted driving that truly captured to be the headlines of the news. Because of this accidents on the roads, most of the states implement some driving laws that will help drivers handle the distractions in their surroundings and put their focus on the road and avoid car collision.

The most common cause of this incidents in the roads is the use of hand devices such as mobile phones in which they are texting or calling someone. Meanwhile, other people get involves in collision of their car due to smoking, drinking, eating and lack of discipline on the road. Because of this, distraction driving has been categorize into three categories including cognitive, visual and manual.

Cognitive distraction involves your mind is away from the concentration in the road while you are driving while the visual distraction is considered as your eyes are not getting focus to the road and the manual distraction is all about unexpected movement of your hands away from your vehicle like reaching some soda in your drink carrier.

Although the state does not have the control to prohibit the use of this device while driving, they provide some dos and dont’s while they are driving on the road.

Here are the dos and don’ts for distracted driving:


  • Talking through the use of hand-held mobile phone
  • Mailing and texting while driving
  • Using any electronic devices such as video entertainment, computers, video games, cameras and many more.
  • Enter some information manually to any GPS units
  • Reading printed materials including magazine or books
  • Sketching, writing or printing
  • Performing some personal grooming such as applying makeup, combing hair or brushing your teeth


  • Use of wireless communication device like Bluetooth device or earpiece
  • Use GPS screen that can be integrated or mounted in your own vehicle
  • Use of a hand –free MP3 player wherein it can be mounted in your car

Through this way, you have the opportunity to avoid car accident and have a safe driving on the road. This will help most of the drivers to keep themselves focus to the road and avoid any distraction and have the right control. With these dos and dont’s for distractive driving, youths are now more discipline and avoid some fatal crash in the road due to some simple distraction.

Threat to the safety of drivers and passengers now lessen its numbers since they apply the proper etiquette in driving. By simply learning the right and necessary information for driving, this kind of vehicular accident will always be prevented. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the distractions to ensure that everything is alright while you are driving. Drivers should ensure that they will implement and exercise the right rules in driving to have safe trip on the road together with your passengers or family members.

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