Where is our Summit Location?

A: Our teaching site is located at 1000 Summit Ave in Summit New Jersey. We are located at the Summit EMS building on the 2nd floor. Please park across the street in the Summit Middle School parking lot then walk across the street and wait to be buzzed in. Once in go into the elevator to the 2nd floor to the meeting room that will be to the right of the elevator next to the vending machine you will see two glass doors.

Please take time to search for directions to our office if you are not familiar with the area. Please find directions prior to the start of your class to assure you arrive on time. Arriving on time cannot be over stressed. 

How can I pay for classes?

A: We encourage all students to use the online registration process available on our website. You can register for classes 24 hours a day, usually up to the hour class is supposed to start. It is understandable that there can be some hesitation using your credit card online – we can assure you we have never had any issue with fraud.

In regards to other forms of payment. We do NOT accept any personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, and the like. If it is absolutely necessary you can pay for a class in person with cash only. This is done by appointment only – please email us to set up a time (often before or after any scheduled classes so please review our schedule before emailing us).  PAYING THE SAME DAY OF CLASS IS DIFFICULT! As online registrations are given first priority you must pay for your class before the day of class (more than 7 days recommended). If there are remaining seats the day of class please notify our offices of your intentions, persons walking in without giving any kind of notice will be turned away if the class is full.